CANA activities

CANA facilitates strategy, activity and networking among our membership to help non-Government organisations in Australia activate against the causes of climate change and deal with its impacts. 

In Australia, we have over 70 member groups, ranging from international environment and development groups like Greenpeace and World Vision, to local neighbourhood climate action groups, from Climate Rescue of Wagga to Climate Action Hobart.

We are unique as the only umbrella organisation that draws together activists and advocates from across the civil society spectrum and provides resources and opportunity for them to cross-fertilise, hear different perspectives and devise coordinated and collaborative approaches to climate change in Australia and internationally.

CANA's Conference in April 2011 was an opportunity for CANA's members to deepen their work on the four key objectives the network is working towards to 2012, and for the rest of 2011, our key prioirites are:

1. A peak in Australia's greenhouse pollution by 2012

2. A limit and price on pollution in Australia

3. No new conventional coal fired power stations

4. Increase in base-load capacity of renewable energy in Australia

CANA also facilitates and coordinates Australian NGOs enegagement with the UN climate negotiations.

The main areas that CANA members are getting active on at the moment:

  • Pushing for Australia to sign up to the next period of the Kyoto Protocol
  • Showing we won't stand for any reduction in the Renewable Energy Target
  • Demanding the removal of compensation for coal power generators
  • Fighting against the establishment of new coal mines and infrastructure

By bringing them together for innovative joint workshops, processes and planning sessions, CANA helps its member groups cooperate and collaborate on key national and international climate change advocacy projects and campaigns.

By providing an annual conference, email services, and meetings around key issues and challenges facing climate change advocates and activists, CANA connects its members with each other, and boosts communication, sharing and effectiveness.

By attending and providing expert analysis of the international climate negotiations, for our members, CANA links Australian climate change non-government organisations with an international network of over 300 groups world wide and contextualizes the Australian climate debate within the global scene.

By instigating joint work between our member group and providing the locus for sharing, CANA strengthens climate change civil society to enable it to meet the daunting challenges of the twenty-first century.

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