Federal election - Climate change campaigning

CANA will be helping its members work together on the Federal election in three ways:  choosing our priority issues; mapping CANA members election work so it's easier to find out who is doing what and actively encouraging collaboration/preventing duplication.  Contact Anna or Merryn if you want to be involved in election work and we haven't already been in touch.

Campaigns coordinator

CANA has employed a campaigns coordinator - Merryn Redenbach - to help Anna - CANA's Director - support groups with their election work.

Merryn's role is coordinating between member groups to make sure that resources developed for use in the Federal election are shared and used by a wide range of groups, maximizing the effectiveness of the movement.

The other part of Merryn's job is "capacity building" - running workshops, training and developing resources that can be used by groups in their campaigning work.  While this is primarily election focused, it also aims to build the strength of our groups into the future.  For example, helping groups with community organising skills will help build groups beyond the election period.

CANA’s election platform and chosing our priority issues

You may remember that last year CANA drew up a broad election platform across the range of issues of interest to members.  This now needs to be updated and to pick a small number for work during the election.

The aim is that these election asks will not only dovetail with the large groups who are campaigning during the election, but also allow grassroots groups to select activities which both reflect their priorities and fit with a wider agenda.

Mapping CANA members election work

CANA are compiling an of outline of groups election positions and priorities, along with who is planning to be active where.  This has started with the larger groups through a phone link up iscussed priorities.  CANA compiling information directly and during conference.  Merryn will be the main point of contact.

Joint election planning and tactics

This will be through a combination of phone link ups, regional follow up meetings and connecting our groups.

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