Australia and Climate Change

In 2011, two important achievements were secured in Australia and internationally that provide opportunities in the next four years to change the current course of Australia and the world towards global warming of more than three degrees, and the dangerous climate change that will likely cause. "Dangerous climate change" means unpredictable and out-of-control changes in the climate systems that support human society and ecosystems around the world. Our food, our water, our homes, our health, and the unique and irreplaceable biodiversity of the planet are not going to be safe unless further action is taken and we change the road we're on -- to global warming of more than three degrees above pre-industrial temperatures.

Neither Australia’s Clean Energy Future package nor the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action at the UNFCCC are sufficient to do this job without significant additional decisions and actions here and globally, but together, they leave a narrow window of opportunity open that climate change advocates can use to achieve this.

Recent findings from the IEA and UNEP give unequivocal warning that the next four years will determine whether or not the world is able to keep global warming to below two degrees above pre-industrial temperatures.

Get involved in the international effort to stop pollution and halt runuaway climate change. Read about what's happening in Australia, join a group, join CANA, and be active. Your kids will thank you for it.

For access to member-only national climate change resources, you are required to be a CANA member. If you are interested in accessing the members' only section, visit the 'Interested in Joining?' link by clicking here.

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