CANA: Who are we?

CANA: Cooperation and collaboration

Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) is an alliance of over 75 local , state, national and international environmental, development, research and advocacy groups from throughout Australia (See our member area for a full list.) CANA was formed in 1998 to be the Australian branch of the global CAN network, with representative groups in over 70 countries.

CANA’s core principle is that a cohesive, mutual and cooperative civil society is an essential pre-requisite if Australia is to effectively and justly meet the challenges posed by climate change. CANA sees its role as providing the behind-the-scenes work necessary to ensure that such cooperation is possible. As a result, CANA is not often in the public eye, but receives glowing internal endorsement on the necessity of our work from colleagues and campaigners in our member groups.

Like the substrate of nutrient soil in a complex forest ecosystem, CANA’s foundational work allows for simbiotic cooperation between our individual members in the complex ecosystem of social change and advocacy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create stronger, more confident and trusting working relationships among the CANA members from different parts of civil society.

We do this by initiating, facilitating and coordinating collaborative efforts by member groups in order to strengthen their collective contribution towards climate action at both a national and international level. CANA is a transparent, accountable and sustainable organisation.

CANA adds value to the efforts of civil society organisations working on climate change in Australia by enabling member groups to work together in key areas and by facilitating the pooling of resources (including knowledge, funding and staff) to achieve joint outcomes.

CANA is a network of over 70 Australian non-government groups working for action on climate change. It is the Australian national node of Climate Action Network International.

Our vision

A strong, united and sustainable civil society working collaboratively for climate action in Australia

Our Policies
Along with member groups, CANA has worked out a number of policy positions that we believe are the best ways to tackle the challenges we face with climate change. View CANA Policy & Briefings.

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