Busting the myths of climate deniers

Who is a denier?

de·ni·er  \di-ˈnī(-ə)r, dē-\

1. A person who declares something untrue; someone who contradicts.

2. Someone who refuses to accept or believe

Who is a sceptic?

scep·tic  \ˈskep-tik\

1. Someone who habitually doubts accepted beliefs

2. A person who questions particular tenets. 

Who funds the climate denialists and sceptics?

CANA member groups have prepared the following documents to outline funding behind some of Australia's most infamous climate deniers:

Watching the deniers: This blog has been created by a concerned Australian to pick up on new denier publications, arguments and "memes" and provide enough analysis to better understand their claims.

Busting the myths


  • The Australian Youth Climate Coalition produced this fact sheet for those who are confused about climate change, in time for their 2010 Climate Reality Week.
  • DeSmogBlog is almost focused entirely on shedding light on the PR/media campaign to undermine climate science. Contributors to this site also authored the  'Climate Cover Up' - a scary/interesting read!
  •  An amazingly comprehensive climate science myth-busting website is 'Skeptical Science', with information resources or help in countering denialists.
  • Climate Scientists Australia have put together factsheets outlining the evidence of global warming and the impacts projected on the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Get some clarity on climate science, as well as an insight into the deniers, at the Logical Science website.
  • The Australian Academy of Science released 'The Science of Climate Change: Questions and Answers' report on August 16 2010 to clarify the issues and knowledge around climate change for non-specialist readers, and very clearly focused on tackling the myths perpetrated by denialists. The document is structured around seven questions: What is climate change? How has Earth’s climate changed in the distant past? How has climate changed during the recent past? Are human activities causing climate change? how do we expect climate to evolve in the future? What are the consequences of climate change? and how do we deal with the uncertainty in the science?
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