Assembly for Action 2016 Highlights

Highlights from the two days mentioned by participants included the following:

"It was great to reconnecting with those I know - old friends - plus meeting a number of new people. I liked the way we kept moving around tables, joining different discussion groups."

"Keynote David Hunt's tips on power analysis will help me rethink how to approach politicians and other groups. The session on reframing was also very helpful in giving new ways of communicating more effectively."

"The Homegrown Power Plan presentation by Miriam Lyons was great! There were many sessions that fed into my work/strategies"

"The Welcome to Country was such a powerful human start! Connecting us to our human-ness and our mission"

"The plenary on the federal election strategy was timely, well informed and sophisticated"

"My highlight was probably the electoral breakout group for People's Climate March partners who'd had little other interaction with the Climate Action Network that I know of. The conversations explored potential for building partnership and strategic alliances with groups that aren't currently CANA members. It was really refreshing and exciting to meet new people with diverse perspectives on power"

"The theatrical story telling session on Friday was pretty special. The Melbourne Playback Theatre company did a fantastic job showing the depth of people's experiences."

"The session with Australian Conservation Council on framing the narrative was my favourite. I am a words person, and think this will help in my communications"

"Most exciting is the outcome of a high probability of working collaboratively! Hoorah!"



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