Day of Action - Safeguard Our Climate, Friday 10 March

The Albanese government's decision on the Climate Safeguard Mechanism is imminent. And it will have implications for Australia's ability to deliver deep emissions cuts this decade.

Communities across the country are already doing a heavy lift on climate, but same can't be said of the facilities covered by Safeguard Mechanism whose emissions increased over the last decade.

The Dirty Dozen fossil fuel companies and industrial polluters are now responsible for 28 percent of national emissions. (Click here for more info on the Dirty Dozen)

It's time for the Dirty Dozen fossil fuel polluters to pull their weight on climate.

We're inviting community members to raise their voice to call for the Albanese government to Safeguard our Climate, not polluter profits.

Australia needs a strong Safeguard Mechanism that rules out unfettered offsets for polluters and imposes tough restrictions on new coal and gas projects.

Will you join the National Day of Action to Safeguard our Climate on Friday 10 March?


Communities across Australia will take to social media on Friday 10 March to send the Labor government a powerful message. If we have mass participation on the day then we can influence the government at a critical moment in the decision making process. 

Step 1: Print our 'Safeguard Our Climate' placard, or even better: design your own sign.

Step 2: Take a selfie or group photo with the placard.

Step 3
: Post your photo on social media, but first...  

Step 4: Tag the key decision makers: 

Step 5: Use the #SafeguardOurClimate and #Auspol hashtags to help the campaign become a trending topic.


Climate Action Network Australia and partners encourage creativity and thinking outside the box to get the key message across. We'd love to see some creative contributions on the big day. 


For more info on the community campaign to clean up Australia's Dirty Dozen polluters, click here. If you have any questions about the Day of Action, please contact Climate Outreach Manager Leigh Ewbank: [email protected]

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