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    Gavan McFadzean

    is the Manager of the Climate Change and Clean Energy Program at the Australian Conservation Foundation - which he has led for the past four years. Since completing an Economics and Politics Degree at Monash University, Gavan has been an environmental and climate activist in Australia’s NGO sector for 25 years. His career includes several positions within the Australian Greens, including Director of Campaigns and Communications for then party leader Richard DiNatale, and ten years at The Wilderness Society as both Northern Australia Program Manager and Victorian Campaigns Manager. He has participated in three UNFCCC Conference Of Party (COP) meetings – Poznan (2008), Paris (2015) and Madrid (2019). In 2004 he was awarded ‘Wild’ magazine’s ‘Environmentalist of the Year Award.’ He enjoys surfing, hiking and cycling. Currently Gavan is Melbourne based.

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    Luke Giuliani

    is CANA's Treasurer and is the Deputy Executive Director at Greenpeace Australia Pacific. Starting from projects in technology and social impact, Luke's leadership approach, drive, and digital acumen have found life within environmentalism, civic engagement, national politics, and a range of board and advisory positions. Based in Melbourne, he is a keen cyclist, proud father, amateur squash player and sci-fi tragic. Luke is a strategically minded technologist who believes the climate challenge is significant, immediate, surmountable, and we are playing for keeps.

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    Maddy Madhavan

    is CANA's Operations Manager and she leads on the Human Resources, Finance and Governance functions. She has a background in Management Consulting, Executive Remuneration, Mergers & Acquisitions having worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York, Sydney and Bangalore. She also has experience is advising Not-For-Profit Boards and Management Teams and is currently supporting Centennial Parklands as a Consultative Committee Member and Greenpeace Australia Pacific as a General Assembly Member. Maddy enjoys boxing, yoga and going for walks with her Kelpie puppy. She volunteers at her local community garden for garden upkeep and administration. Maddy is based on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation (Sydney).

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    Annual Reports

    CANA Annual Reports detail how our network members support each other to build a powerful, connected, diverse and innovative climate movement.

    2019-20 | View PDF [download 3Mb]

    2018-19 | View PDF [download 6Mb]

    2017-18 | View PDF [download 10Mb]

    2016-17 | View PDF [download 2Mb]

    2015-16 | View PDF [download 3Mb]

    2014-15 | View PDF [download 1Mb]

    2013-14 | View PDF [download 2Mb]

    2012-13 | View PDF [download 3Mb]

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    Ethical Fundraising Policy


    The purpose of this policy is to document the principles and procedures by which CANA will enter into and accept all fundraising and sponsorship, including commercial arrangements.


    This Policy covers all Employees and Board Members of CANA. CANA supports fundraising initiatives and sponsorships that:

    • are consistent with the core values and goals of CANA; and
    • generate funding to allow for CANA to operate.

    The Guidelines apply to all sponsorship and funding arrangements made by CANA including Services Agreements and the CANA Small Grants Program.


    CANA will adhere to the following fundraising standards:

    • Fundraising activities carried out by CANA will comply with all relevant laws.
    • Any communications to the public made in the course of carrying out a fundraising activity shall be truthful and non-deceptive.
    • All monies raised via fundraising activities will be for the stated purpose of the appeal and will comply with the organisation’s stated mission and purpose.
    • All personal information collected by CANA is confidential and is not for sale or to be given away or disclosed to any third party without consent.
    • Nobody directly or indirectly employed by or volunteering with CANA shall accept commissions, bonuses or payments for fundraising activities on behalf of the organisation.
    • No general solicitations shall be undertaken by telephone or door-to-door. However, this policy does not prevent service agreement partners from fundraising in this way.
    • Fundraising activities should not be undertaken if they may be detrimental to the good name or community standing of CANA.

    Click here to download a PDF of the full policy [115kb].









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    The Australia Institute


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    Original Power


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    Climate Justice Union


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    Glen Klatovsky

    is CANA’s Energy Strategist. He coordinates the National Climate and Energy Policy and Politics working group (CEPP). Glen has worked in the climate and environment sectors for more than 25 years including as 350 Australia’s Campaigns Strategist, Director of the Places You Love alliance and Director at WWF-Australia. As Energy Strategist for CANA Glen will help coordinate and align the sector’s positions on policy and regulation and support advocacy for improved government policy and action on climate change. Glen is based on the land of the Eora Nation (Sydney).

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    is CANA’s Program Manager. She is engaging a broad range of organisations to collectively plan and deliver an impactful national Better Futures Forum in July 2021. An environmental scientist and climate policy professional by training, Lisa has several years experience working across sectors to co-design and deliver solutions to environmental challenges. Prior to CANA she was working with The Climate Reality Project - Australia and Pacific Branch to enable a community of 1,600 trained leaders. Lisa has also worked with the Queensland Conservation Council and the ACT Government. Lisa loves exploring the outdoors. She is based on the land of the Jagera and Turrbal Nations (Brisbane).

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    is CANA’s Administration Assistant. She assists the CANA NST to coordinate its member organisations, focusing on logistics, communications and administrative tasks. Katie has a background in project management, advocacy campaigning, community organising, events and graphic design. Most recently she was a member of the Policy & Advocacy Team at Cancer Council NSW supporting the planning and execution of state-wide advocacy campaigns and building capacity to drive advocacy actions. Katie is passionate about uniting people and purpose to create positive change and also volunteers at Council of the Ageing NSW supporting their advocacy program. She enjoys discovering our amazing planet and her favourite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark. Katie is based on the land of the Eora Nation (Sydney). 

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