Power for Change update

Hi Everyone,

A quick update on the Power For Change campaign that's giving communities and customers the tools to take on the big polluting power companies as part of the fight to Repower Australia with clean energy.

Over the past couple of weeks customers and concerned citizens gathered in more than a dozen communities to start taking action against AGL, EnergyAustralia and Origin as part of a series of complaint nights. Check out the report back below.

This is just the start of the power building that needs to happen if we're going to shift these companies out of fossil fuels. They're going hard on the PR spin -- check out AGL's new PR video, passing off a plan to get out of coal by 2050 as climate action. you can see our cheeky response here.
We're now building towards a second peak of the campaign in June by:
  • Signing up thousands more customers of the Big 3 to start making noise against the Big 3
  • Mobilising those customers to divest or threaten to divest from the Big 3 if they don't come up with a plan to get out of fossil fuels by their AGMs later this year
  • Reaching out to businesses and other organisations to divest from the Big polluters

At the heart of this work is a growing number of groups and individuals, organising in their communities on both the Power For Change campaign and the national Repower campaign (which also has a focus on state Governments).  

If your group is interested in joining the growing network of groups and individuals that are building the power to shift these energy giants out of fossil fuels, contact us at [email protected]

And if you want to know a little more about the Power for Change campaign, check out the video on the webpage.

Moira, Josh, Garry, Sam and Jesse

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