Great Barrier Reef in crisis

The Reef is in crisis - tell the PM to act! 

The Great Barrier Reef is a natural wonder.  It is an Australian treasure, integral to our cultural and environmental heritage and a lynchpin of the Queensland and national economies.

We are all devastated to see it suffer an unprecedented bleaching event, fuelled by global warming.

This is a disaster that requires an emergency response. Prime Minister Turnbull must visit the site of the destruction, accompanied by Australia's coral reef scientists.  He must announce strong policies to protect what remains of our irreplaceable icon, including an end to coal mine approvals, the rapid phase out of coal-burning power stations, and a plan to put Australia on the path to 100% renewable energy with the utmost urgency.

Will you add your voice by signing this letter urging the Prime Minister to visit the Reef and take the urgent action this emergency demands? 

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