The program for The Repower Assembly is in active development. CANA members and other stakeholders are actively feeding in ideas and helping to craft options. As this process progresses, more specific information will become available.

Currently, The Repower Assembly is being developed around the following themes:

  • Just transition. Australia is moving towards a future without fossil fuel infrastructure. What does this imply for the affected communities and workers? How can we achieve the necessary changes in our energy supply while also providing meaningful employment and sustaining communities?

  • Frontline impacts. Vulnerable communities are already experiencing disproportionate impacts from climate change. How can we make sure that such the voices of these communities inform our strategies, that we address these underlying injustices, and that the benefits of the transition are shared progressively across our society?

  • Energy for all. As more households are going solar and leaving the grid, a shrinking number of power users is paying a growing cost for power. How can we use renewable energy to foster independence for more communities? What is the potential for renewable energy to fight back against electricity privatisation, and restore community ownership of our energy supply?

  • Global justice. Australia is not pulling its weight internationally. Our exports, our Government’s international diplomacy, and our aid programs all affect climate change and our regional neighbours. What should Australian campaigners be pushing for to get our Government acting as a responsible global citizen? How can we target our Government to support the struggles of those in the majority world?

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