CANA Small Grants Program


Applications for the next round of CANA Small Grants Program open 9AM AEST 12 September 2022 and closes midnight AEST 16 October 2022.

Please direct enquiries to [email protected]

The CANA Small Grants Program supports small organising projects that educate and organise new and/or diverse voices to advocate for a rapid transformation to net zero emissions using principles of climate justice. 

What is Climate Justice? 

CANA's Small Grants Program Objectives:

  • Increase support for urgent action to address the climate crisis, by engaging new and diverse members of the Australian community.
  • Support projects that will have discernible local impact
  • Grow the climate movement by supporting smaller organisations or groups to undertake local or targeted action which supports and strengthens the CANA Network Strategy.
  • Strengthen the capacity of grassroots organisations through developing skills in community organising, campaign strategy and fundraising.
  • Improve the effectiveness of CANA as a movement institution


Grants from $500 to $10,000 are available to individuals and organisations.

The Program is designed to resource grantee's to run high impact, low cost organising projects. We seek applications for grants of $500 to $5,000, although in exceptional cases, CANA’s Small Grant Program Committee may grant up to $10,000. 

Eligibility for funding

We prioritise applicants who are smaller local organisations (including local affiliates, branches or action groups associated with larger organisations) over larger organisations with numerous staff. Organisations with greater than $2 million organisational income are excluded. 

We only accept one application per organisation per round from an Australian non-profit organisation or educational institution operating within Australia.

Selection Criteria

The project has to educate and organise new and/or diverse voices to advocate for a rapid transformation to net zero emissions using principles of climate justice. 

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Build new relationships in communities most impacted by the climate crisis, empowering them to transition, adapt and create solutions that work for them
  • Activate new allies as advocates
  • Assist a particular community to understand the urgency of the climate crisis and gain their commitment to leading an organising project 
  • Help build the skills and capacity of a community or leadership team to deliver outcomes
  • Have a clear strategy for delivering ongoing or scaled impact over time and are part of a long term plan for creating change
  • Demonstrate that there is clear follow up from your event or campaign
  • Demonstrate participant demand if the project includes training or an event
  • Demonstrate that the transition is socially and environmentally just - so that all people have access to a safe climate and healthy environment.
  • Adhere to the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees under Australian workplace laws, including rates of pay.
Small Grant Recipients may not:
  • Use grant funds for electoral expenditure or the creation or communication of electoral matters (as defined in the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918), or to incur electoral or political expenditure or communicate political or electoral matters under any similar applicable state or territory legislation.
  • Register with the Australian Electoral Commission as a Significant Third Party.
  • Use funds for one-off installations of renewable energy technology.

Application process

        • You will need to complete the whole online form prior to submitting it (you will not be able to save a partially completed online form). Once submitted, you are able to make edits to your application prior to midnight (AEST) of closing date. To edit, please contact [email protected] for a word document application form.
        • Applications will be reviewed. 
        • If you are shortlisted by the selection committee, you may be asked to provide other relevant documents in support of your application.
        • Applicants will be contacted in writing to confirm whether or not their application has been successful. Funding will be available shortly afterwards. Project completion deadlines will be discussed and detailed in the Grant Agreement, and will generally be expected to be no longer than 6 months. Negotiation of extensions are possible. 
        • Upon completion of your project you will be required to submit a summary report and acquittal outlining the projects work, outcomes and lessons learned.
        • Funding availability will be communicated with organisations upon contract completions.


List of previously successful grants

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