CANA's strategic framework: the seven interventions

In 2015-2015 the Climate Action Network, our members, individuals, and organisations across the movement undertook an extensive strategic review of our shared approach to strategy, resourcing, and collaboration in order to identify how to maximise our impact and build the power to deliver the changes we want to see in the world. 

As part of this process, seven interventions that would help guide collaborative work were identified and agreed. 

These seven interventions are:

1. Resource a whole-of-movement perspective by rebuilding a movement institution to better serve the
functions and diversity of allies needed to build power and to take the work of our common agenda forward.

2. Align strategy by developing a common agenda for environment-climate groups; a process for engaging civil
society in developing ownership and influencing this common agenda; and supporting ongoing collaboration
around specific goals.

3. Deliver a powerful and resonant story by establishing a movement communications hub that can act as a
backbone resource to support the whole movement to communicate more consistently and effectively.

4. Revitalise our grassroots constituencies by establishing a movement organising hub to share analytical and
data resources and build skills to support our collective community organising efforts.

5. Build political power, through shared political and electoral strategy, to create the political conditions to win and sustain serious legislative reforms.

6. Accelerate the energy revolution to transform the energy sector, recruit new allies and diminish the power of our opponents.

7. Expose the undue influence of deniers & polluters through systematic analysis and campaigning 

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