Strategic Indigenous Awareness Workshop

Strategic Indigenous Awareness Workshop

Monday 20TH of June 2022

9.00am-3.30pm, Australian National University Canberra

Lunch and afternoon tea provided



This interactive workshop provides an opportunity for participants to walk briefly in the shoes of Indigenous Australians and allows for individuals and organisations to dramatically increase their:

  • Appreciation, understanding and respect for Australian Indigenous people, their cultures and societies.
  • Understanding and sensitivity towards problems and issues that continue to impact upon Indigenous Australians.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the cultural and structural barriers that inhibit effective consultation and negotiation with Indigenous people and communities.
  • Knowledge and understanding of diversity and the value it can add in the workplace.
  • Knowledge and understanding of impact and costs of racism and discrimination in the workplace.

For individuals and organisations wanting to produce strategic outcomes that are culturally appropriate and community sensitive with tangible benefit – This workshop is a must!

The importance of this workshop to the climate network

CANA groups are committed to applying the principles of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) to campaign planning decisions that affect the protection or management of Country or its natural values and resources. FPIC is a principle protected by international human rights standards that state, “All peoples have the right to self-determination” and “all peoples have the right to freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”

When the climate network endorsed our Solidarity Commitments in December 2020, we acknowledged the importance of training in equipping us to be good allies. In particular, network members nominated training to ensure we uphold Free, Prior and Informed Consent in our climate advocacy and education.


Grant Sarra has spent thirty-four years working in areas that deal exclusively with Indigenous people. With a Bachelor Business Major in Public Sector Administration and Sub Major in Human Resource Management he has developed a detailed knowledge and understanding of the issues that impact upon Indigenous Australians and public and private sector organisations.

"To understand our Present and plan for our Future, we must put our Past into an honest and balanced perspective - Beyond Fear, Denial, Guilt and Blame." - Grant Sarra

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